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Whether it was at work or evolving through life's experiences and relationships, I always felt the urge to create. I could spend hours watching music videos - back when MTV played them - and would record and re-record over them on VHS tapes. I was DEFINITELY raised by music and just loved the music video medium.  The way they could capture my attention and transport me into the song's lyrics and visuals still fascinates me. That's where the word Evoke came from - it's a powerful word that resonates with me because of the way music and fashion make me feel. It's like the nostalgia that floods over you when you hear an old song, the way a song's lyrics can relate to what you're going through.  Fashion and clothing did this for me too.  How a particular piece of clothing makes me feel invincible.

Matt Innovoke

These unique experiences enabled me to connect with the art and artist that created it, to this day continually allowing me to connect to my true self.

After some soul searching, I decided to create something myself. I turned up my internal volume, started listening to my true calling, and began taking action. I combined the 2 inspirational words, Innovate and Evoke, which became my creation of Innovoke. It took me years to tap into my passion for art, music, and fashion, but I finally did it.  Innovoke is a fashion brand aimed at connecting like-minded creatives, motivating and inspiring to CHANNEL YOUR CATAYLYST® or your passion.  This is not just a tagline, this is our mantra and way of life.  

Innovoke is not just a brand to me, it represents my truth. I've always been captivated by the act of creating - whether it was drawing, attempting skateboard tricks or putting together my outfits as a kid. I discovered how easy and automatic it was to connect with others through different forms of creative expression - artwork, graffiti, music, and fashion.

I distinctly remember being mesmerized by the album cover art on my mom's vinyl records, such as Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare with insects crawling all over it.  This moved me, what did these graphics and images mean?  It just connected to me and made me feel!  My need to create always remained strong, even having an Innovate sign on my desk at my first out of school job that served as my north star, constantly asking myself what I could create or do unique and differently.

designing for innovoke

Innovoke's unique perspective and approach to fashion and design is what sets us apart, and I hope that our Fam feels that same sense of authenticity and empowerment when wearing our clothing.

As a creative, I have a passion for designing pieces that communicate positivity and authentic messages. One of my first and fav designs is "Spread Love", simple but bold and spares no one. Additionally, I'm always inspired by music and its lyrics, leading me to create music lyric influenced designs (or VisuaLyric #1 Tee), my "Visual Interpretation" of Biggie's lyrics in "Juicy". I also find inspiration in music videos, with my latest project being a design based on one of my fav's - Method Man and Mary J. Blige's "All I Need" video (stay tuned)...


Although we may fall under the category of streetwear, I believe that our designs transcend that label and can be worn by anyone, from students to exec's. For example, our Spread Love t-shirt can be worn as is or under a cardigan or blazer in a more formal setting, because who doesn't want to spread love and receive love - whatever environment they're in!?

Ariel and Matt Innovoke


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A brand created by and for inquisitive souls who create out of a sense of survival, advocate for others amidst their own hustle and thrive on motivating those they encounter along their journey.

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